Welcome to Flournoy Consultations

Flournoy Consultations PLLC, is a behavioral health practice based in Hollis Queens. Our mission is to improve the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals and families who live in the Queens Community and surrounding areas.

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  • Marijuana

    Should Marijuana be legalized?   We would like to hear from you.

  • Partnership

    Flournoy Consultations is in collaborations with Allen Community Recovery Center to provide Behavioral Health Counseling Services.

  • COVID-19 UpdateYour safety is our utmost concern!

    Flournoy Consultations PLLC will continue to provide essential behavioral health services during this pandemic.

    Our services are conducted virtually via telehealth.

    Our goal is to continue to follow safety protocols to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

    Wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance are key factors in reducing the spread of this virus.

    Remember Self-Care and Stay Safe!